The tray of gems

You would end up in some place, and you had a tray. That perhaps is the only thing you remember. So you assume, the tray was a gift. You wouldn’t know how, but it had a set of gems in it, as if it is made for them. And your primitive instincts would seem imperative. If you are to sustain in the place that you are in, you shall see that you need the gems. So you save them, for they are all that you possess, and you shall toil with them and polish them, like everyone around. The more they shine, the better would you feel. But in time, you would find that any more of your toil wouldn’t do, for the polish couldn’t change the content of the gems. It is then you wish, that you had a better tray to start with.

And that is when you might join the men of classes. There is class of the majority. The kind of beings that live in the same place, no matter how indecently dense it is, and eternally wish, they rather possessed the tray of their betters, or hope they would never lose the tray they already possess. Or you might join the class of the elite. The kind who move to places for the sake of moving, and trade their gems for the sake of trading, because they find everything else brighter from a distance. And they rarely care whether the traded gems would fit in their trays.

But when you refuse to join the either class, which you probably might never do, you stand alone and you can’t help but notice that you started to question your tray. Then would you discover that you are capable of changing it. For as you begin to question, the tray would transform itself and so would the set of gems in it. And then shall you discover, the proper way to better the gems is to better the tray.

The men of classes would look up to you, for your gems would outshine theirs, some in spite and the most in awe. Though, they would never dream to break apart from the classes. For to question the tray is to question their selves, and they are better off, living in the crowd.

– Avinash Kumar

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